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Part 30: Tranquil Piglet by Hasaniwalker
Part 30: Tranquil Piglet

    Once the travelers arrived home, Clover decided to rest.  There was still a stinging in Piglet’s chest as he watched Clover walk inside without a word.  Not wanting to press the issue, Piglet went to his favorite rocking chair outside and smoked from his pipe.  He never enjoyed dwelling on issues that couldn’t be handled by his bow.  

The night was peaceful. As he blew rings of smoke into the air, Piglet closed his eyes and enjoyed the tranquility of the Hundred Acre Kingdom.  He enjoyed these moments, but this time there was a gnawing from within that was starting to annoy him.
Part 29: The Cured Eeyore by Hasaniwalker
Part 29: The Cured Eeyore

    The feeling of the woods changed once the Eeyore was reunited with its tail. The deep depression that hung from every trees was lifted.  The grim creature Piglet and Clover met before was now a majestic spirit that gave a fate warmth.  The Eeyore thanked them and sent the travelers on their way.

The blizzard in the Hundred Acre Kingdom was gone and the near deadly cold had gone down to what everyone was use to for this time.  For discovering the source of the abnormal cold and solving it, Rabbit gave Clover and Piglet two pence each.  A meager payment, but just as much was expected from the gardener.

Part 30: Tranquil Piglet by Hasaniwalker
Part 28: Cold Partners by Hasaniwalker
Part 28: Cold Partners

Away from the clearing, Piglet and Clover walked in silence.  In the distance the faint sound of heffalumps crying out in anger could still be heard.  The lizard was gone for now.  Clover held the tail over her shoulder while biting her lip.  Walking behind Clover, Piglet took out his pipe and started searching his pockets for a match.  Looking to Clover’s stoic walk, he placed his pipe back under his coat.

“A Thesaurus”  Piglet said, breaking the silence.

“What?” Clover didn’t turn to look at him.

“The lizard, it’s a Thesaurus.  A black lizard that lurks in the hundred acre kingdom.  There aren’t many, but the ones that exist have been known to stalk Piglet campings.  There were two that would sneak into my village-”

“Never leave your partner behind!”  Clover shouted back.

Piglet stopped walking for a moment and took a deep breath.  

“Forgive me, I should have come to your aid as soon as you called.”

Clover stopped walking for a moment and looked ahead.  The cold in the air had gone down since she took the tail.  The snow had stopped and a faint air blew between them.

“It’s fine.”  Clover looked back to Piglet.  “Just remember, we travel together so we can help each other.”

They continued walking together.  A chill in the air remained with them as they made their way back to the Eeyore.

Part 29: The Cured Eeyore by Hasaniwalker
On November 14th my first children's book is coming out.  "The Patchwork Girl!"

The Patchwork Girl is about a very adventurous little rag doll. While lying under a tree on a cloudy day, Patchwork is brought to life by a dragonfly named Poco and his two brothers. Full of curiosity, Patchwork tackles Poco before he can leave and convinces him to help answer her many questions. What follows is an ongoing journey of curiosity. Join the Patchwork Girl and her friend as they start their amazing adventure!

The Book will be available at all bookstores and!
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